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I don’t even know how to handle this anymore.


☼ sit down and relax ☪

I am seriously such a freaking contradiction. I tell people the truth that God made all things perfect and that, through Him, we should all find self worth and comfort, but, me being me, I can’t implement that into my own life; I know that it’s true, I just can’t accept it. I get my self-worth from how often my friends invite me places or by how many likes I get on my pictures. because, maybe, this earthly world will love me enough to think I’m pretty or nice or worth it. I hate the fact that I can’t just like myself all the time. It’s hard. It sucks. I now that I should be able to just have confidence in knowing that I like how I look or how I behave, but I can’t. So I will continue to slide through life, secretly trying to seek acceptance, evade rejection, and, in the mean time, look like I have all of the confidence in the world. this should be easy enough.